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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Snow in South Carolina!

I wanted to post this before the power goes out. Well, it probably will go out later today. I was being pelted with slushy, freezing rain while taking this picture of my neighborhood. Knowing our power lines and Duke Power, some of the lines will probably freeze when the temperature dips down tonight and cause some outages, like last winter. I went ahead and caught up on all of my laundry again yesterday afternoon in preparation for that. :)

Also, the new Magknits is out! The Falling in Love Socks and Santa Cruz beanie are cute. I may have to do those.

Well, see you sooner if the power stays on! I will be making more progress on my Cedar Creek sock, when I am not doing my Spanish Homework. I wish the college would just go ahead and cancel the night classes like mine. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Dani said...

sleety rainy snowy here in charlotte. I have to go to work at 12 too :( Its my 1st Southern winter, i thought i was escaping this LOL

Hope you have a warm dry day and the electricty stays on!!

YarnThrower said...

I just had to visit after you dropped me a line! You're right! We engin-nerds do need to stick together! I'm anxious to see your Lizard Ridge creation as you get going on it. I was contemplating that, though can't really justify the addition to my stash just yet... Your blog looks so fun! I'm adding to my blog reader..... Have fun in the snow! At least it sounds like you were well prepared for it! (Must be the engineer in you :-)