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Monday, February 05, 2007

Blowing up stereotypes...

For those of you who really delve into the depths of knittings possibilities, you know that it is actually quite a mathematical hobby. It is also really cool when you make garments or items with structure...this appeals to the engineering side of my brain. The creativity appeals to my artistic side. I recommend it as a good hobby for creative engineering or science types. Most of my engineering friends out there violate the engineer-stereotype of having zero creativity or personality. Instead, they are clever, talented with the arts, and have wonderfully hilarious senses of humor. (An aside: So why did I leave engineering? Because I wasn't getting paid!! But money <> happiness. Maybe more on that later.) We all fall prey to stereotypes; Lord knows I try not to. I try not to pass judgement until I really get to know someone. So please, the next time you meet an engineer, don't assume they are no-joke joes. Get to know them; give them a chance. You might make a great friend. :) Actually, after working in Finance for a few years, I decided that engineers are alot more fun to work with. Finance types do not seem to take time to keep up with pop culture or joke around.

I will now take a moment to apologize for slaughtering grammar on a daily basis on my blog. After working so many years with numbers, my writing suffers. As an engineer I used to write alot of reports, but as a Financial Analyst, I hardly wrote at all. Except for emails. If you cannot accept my apology and really freak out about it, relax and just see here. I do have to say that DH and I mourn America's loss of the adverb. Especially in annoying TV commercials. Would it kill someone to add -ly onto the end of a verb?

Meanwhile, I struggle to figure out what the heck it is I want to do for a career next. I need to do some soul searching. Several people have suggested that I need to bottle my homemade salad dressings. It is an idea but I don't know how to start in this town. In Austin, I would know exactly where to go, as the town has set up facilities for gourmet entrepreneurs to educate themselves and process their foods in a facility until they can launch their own full-scale business. I would want to perfect more dressings first.

Here are some pics of the other things I bought during the Knit In.

Interlacements kit:

Sorry, I did not want to take the beads out of their bags yet, but they are shiny purple ones, with gold, silver and different shiny colored-sheens on them. I hope my MIL likes it.

Lamby sock kit:

Won this during the Stash Auction for $13. Even though it is worsted weight and does not make a practical sock, I thought it would be great fair isle practice. And who can resist little lambies?

If you haven't already listened to the pointy sticks podcast, you should check it out. I love listening to her because I used to live in Houston (and Austin), and her accent reminds me of Texas. And I am entering her contest.

  1. Why you love to knit socks, why you hate to knit socks? I love to knit socks because they are fast, portable, allow you to experiment on a small project, and are 3 dimensional garments with structure.

  2. What sock patterns that you love? Anything beyond basic rib!

  3. My latest sock find. I love Socks That Rock. But that is not earth shattering.

  4. Your favorite sock method. I still love rickety old bamboo dpns, but I also enjoy the magic loop.

  5. A neat sock trick that you have learned. To prevent getting toe ears on top down socks, slip the last stitches over the next stitch on the ends before your Kitchener.

I have also just joined project spectrum. When I figure out how to do buttons better on my blog, I will start linking buttons.


MJ said...

That sheep sock is too cute!!

Anonymous said...

This here is your sock pal, letting you know that I am, in fact, still alive. ;)

And not only am I alive - I'm still working on your socks. I hope you're going to like them! And I hope I get them done on time! :)