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Friday, February 09, 2007

Yarn P0rn Friday and Loppyness

See Yarngineer's hand.

See Lisa Souza Sock! Merino.
See Yarngineer's hand pet the pretty Sock! Merino.
Isn't it just lovely? The color is GingerPeach. This is the yarn that Lisa Souza comp'd me since I had problems with the burgandy Sock! yarn bleeding onto my hands and needles. I have been hauling this skein around like a tribble, taking it out for my friends to pet it like yarn p0rn.

I believe I have made a mistake in my Clapotis. Not a major one....I just must have been hallucinating due to improper caffeination of my cardiovascular system, thinking that I had place in stitch markers in my last Second Section repeat. Alas, no. The total number of stitches is correct, but maybe lopsided in distribution between the two ends of the piece. So, I will frog back a few rows and try to handle by business better.

I have also completed the heel flap for my first Cedar Creek. Isn't it beautiful? I love how the color has a sort of checker effect, due to alternating slips, knits and purls between the two sides of the work. I had started the heel, but frogie-olahed back again, because I was lopsided on the two sides as to the # of unworked stitches.

Wait, I see a trend of lopsidedness here. The need to drink more coffee and be more strict about my counting of the pattern! Well, I better skeedaddle if I am going to make it to the Lizard Ridge KAL.


kat said...

oh frogging thhe clapotis is never fun, i had to do it a few times myself, just go slow & careful

Beverly said...

What's the Lisa Souza sock yarn like? I've been tempted to buy some but have held off. There are so many different dyers out there that I've become very skeptical about purchasing.

To answer the bear sweater question, they are for Cubs for Kids and the Pediatric Sexual Trauma Unit @ Palmetto Health Richland.

Beverly said...

What's the Lisa Souza sock yarn like? I've been tempted to purchase some.

The teddy bear sweaters are for Cubs for Kids, the TKGA charity, and the Pediatric Sexual Trauma Unit at Palmetto Health Richland.

Suzanne said...

Very cool AK Knitters button......

Wendie said...

oooooh loverly!

Just wanted to stop by and thank you oh so very much for the most beautimous socks and all those goodies!!!! The socks fit perfectly and they're so soft (did the vinegar bath do that? I have some of the Sock! and it's not nearly that soft). I love it all and I seriously can't wait to dig into the yummies. Sugar overload, here I come!

thank you thank you thank you!
-your sockatine swap pal