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Friday, December 15, 2006

Put the baby to bed!

Tadaaaa! The baby blanket is finally done. It was one of those projects were I kept measuring and saying "...just a few more inches..." but it kept stretching and contracting and driving me a little nutz. This is because I couldn't quite stretch the blanket out to its true length horizontally because my circular needles were a little too short.

Samantha's Baby Blanket
Pattern: TBA
Yarn: Berocco Hush (Color #6303) and Lullaby (Color #4303)
Source: Yarns Forever
Needle: Size 13 Clover Bamboo 36" Circs
The blanket turned out maybe a little too heavy. I hope my best friend can at least use it as a throw or a floor blanket for the baby to play on if it is too heavy to use in the usual manner. :)
If enough people want it, I will publish a pattern.
I think the antibiotics are working a bit, but I still feel quite sickly.
Response to Rachel's Blog Questions:
1. What are you working on now? Just finished the baby blanket. Bob's meadowlark socks.
2. What is in your UFO (unfinished object) pile? One Morehouse Farm sweatervest, KPPM socks, dishcloths.
3. What is your favorite fiber? Any kind of mohair wool.
4. What is your favorite thing to make? Socks and sweaters.
5. What fiber do you absolutely hate? Fuzzy cheap acrylic that tries to imitate angora. UGH!
Jan 2007 Update: Please email me if you wish to have this pattern sent to you. Blogger does not support uploading files.


kat said...

the ribbon around the edge is so cute. i found that my brother uses the blanket i made for my nephew ian for laying on the florr for tummy time.

Michele said...

Very pretty! Some babies enjoy the snuggly feeling of a heavier blankie so who knows! Love the pink ribbon its so sweet!

Welcome to the blogosphere...

Michele [iSmile ;D] said...

Very pretty! Love the little ribbon accent... Some little ones like the swaddled feeling a heavier blanket can provide so I wouldn't stress too much about it. Besides, mom will love it because every stitch was made special for her favorite bundle of joy... awww.

Welcome to the blogosphere!

Anonymous said...

That came out so cute! I'm sure they will love it!

Have a great day!