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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Irish Hiking Scarf - done!

Here it is, in pre-blocked condition. Not bad....

Pattern: Irish Hiking Scarf

Yarn: Natural Alaskan Alpaca, fingering weight, from an alpaca named "Cocoa" :) I knitted two strands together.

Source: I can't remember the farm's name, my Mom's coworker

Needle: Size 9, 16" bamboo circs

Sorry this post did not happen yesterday. DH ended up giving me those puppy dog eyes to go and help him at work. Which I have to go do again today.

I just think I need something more challenging. Repetitive cables are too boring for me. Or maybe it is the fact that it is just a straight garment, a scarf that never changes in dimension. What is with this crazy mind of mine? I am turned on by challenge...maybe too much for my own good. It is soon time to get off my mental butt and start designing my own patterns, in order to get some challenge in. I hope to do that as soon as I find out what sex my baby is, as I have some ideas in mind for baby patterns. I just want to test knit in suitable colors. I also think sometimes the hardest thing to do is to give yourself that push into the unknown. People who really know me know that I have done alot of different things in my life, because everytime I have fear of the unknown I push myself into doing whatever it is anyway. The pregnancy has me procrastinating more than usual...but now that I am in the second trimester and have slightly more energy, I can tackle more things again.

Oh, and I have sooo many other projects to clean up and finish!

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Charles said...

Scarf looking Awesome!
You did great job!

Also chack out my knitting blog too see what to think ..if have a time! Also leave tyour comment too!