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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Good Morning Greenville!

Here is what it looks like from my back porch this morning:

Time for a rude awakening. It is still raining, and it is an icy slush out on the roads. My husband will either get pissed when he realizes the new satellite dish is freaking out, or he will just pop in a DVD. I don't know, I give the chances 70-30. Of course, he is still sleeping. Why be awake when you don't have to go to work?

I am nearly done with my mom's Irish Hiking Scarf. Maybe then I will get around to finally posting a picture.

Wish me luck. I have to get to my training and massage appointments today (trying to keep my back in shape during the pregnancy). If I cancel, I have to pay anyway. So I might as well try. I will do okay as I have 4WD; I am just worried about everyone else driving too fast for the conditions.

So please, take it slow! :)
Oh, and something hilarious. I swear my baby belly has grown significantly in the last day. It is kind of funny. Because my DH said to me last night, "You are DEFINITELY pregnant." Then I looked in the mirror and was shocked! I was not this big when I looked in the mirror in the morning or the day before. What the heck?! It is amusing and scary at the same time, to see one's body go through changes so fast.

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