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Monday, January 21, 2008

Getting there....

I just bound off the Irish Hiking Scarf for my mom just this morning. I want to at least weave in the ends tonight before I post some pictures. I do need to wash it and block it, too, before I send it to her, since she is allergic to some natural oils and musky animal smells.

I FINALLY get to go to one of my knitting groups tonight. I have been missing so many of my groups due to classes and board meetings. It seems every organization here in Greenville tries to meet on Monday nights. It ends up being very annoying when you are trying to balance out commitments and schedules.

Between the storm fronts making me sick this weekend, and my laundry room retrofitting duties (new hoses, new vent ducts), not much other knitting was done this weekend. However, I did start looking for baby blanket patterns, and found this nontraditional one on If you have used KnitPicks Merino style, please let me know what you think of it. I want to use natural fibers for my baby blankets since they are more fire resistant than synthetics. Plus, the knitpicks would be inexpensive. And with the baby costs piling up, I am all about saving some benjamins!

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