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Monday, February 05, 2007

What a great weekend....

The SC Knitting Guild's Knit In was a success. It seems the classes were well run (I missed mine..boohoo), and people had a great time. It is nice to see things return to normal. I got to meet great people, including Fiberitis and her mom. I also got to meet another civil engineer attending grad school at Clemson who knits. It is fun to meet people from other towns who come all the way to Greenville to join in the fun....and who aren't scared away by the wacky antics of some of our guildmembers (you special people know who you are).

I made further progress on my Clapotis. I am still on the second section, but only have two more rows until I am in the third section. Sorry, I can't get my circ to not bend.

I completed one of my knitting resolutions! Well, it is not completed, but an ongoing process. I started to learn to crochet, thanks to a good friend who travelled back to SC from FL just to see her friends at the Knit In. We miss you Sandy! It is the head for a little amigurumi birdie.
Yeah, it is a little mishapen, but I can fix that with stuffing. I am already pretty fast at single chain crochet.

My Sockentine Pal's socks are finally done blocking. I will try to mail out the box tomorrow. I need to at least post this on LnV sock marathon site before I forget.

What is wrong with me? I have no will power to resist sock yarn and such. Here is what I bought this weekend.

The Universal Yarns Poems is exactly like Noro Kureyon, only softer and it comes in pastel colors. This will be used for my Lizard Ridge throw KAL and I bought it at Yarns Forever. The Lang Jawoll Sock Yarn is in University of Texas Burnt Orange, khaki, red and black and white. So it combines all of my school colors for Cornell and UT Austin. Yay! Guessin' them socks are for me. I also bought a Interlacements beaded scarf kit to make for my MIL's birthday. I will try to post a picture later, because for now I am worn out running around taking pictures of everything!

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Beverly said...

You have a wonderful Guild. This was my first knit-in other than my home guild and everything was great.

I've never met so many knitters and made several new friends. I'll definitely be back and will be checking out Yarngineer to see what's going on.