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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Halfway done on Cedar Creek...yay!

I do not like to get into political opinions or commentary on my blog, because it tends to be too divisive. Many people cannot have a friendly debate in which they keep political beliefs separate from judgements about personal character. Or personal attacks. I do not judge people as being worthy of my kindness and friendship based on their political opinions; my friends are from all points in the spectrum. That may have something to do with growing up in Alaska where people are BIG individualists and love to have friendly debates. But on my blog I will occasionally delve into social commentary. I think we all do; we voice our frustrations in our blogs. Enough of Anna Nicole Smith already! This ongoing 24-7 coverage of her tragic life and death is too much! There are people dying all over the world from genocide, starvation and disease, and this is what our media chooses to feed us. To keep us as ignorant and stupid about the world as we want to be. Argh! This is why I like to look at foreign media sometimes. And exactly why I spend more of my time watching the financial news than regular news.

Enough said for today. Just please, I hope that you all make it a point in your life to branch out and seek knowledge from other sources of your own choosing. Whatever they may be.

I finished the first of the pair of Cedar Creek socks yesterday. I have already casted on the second sock, and it is too funny. The picot edge on the SS took me maybe a few minutes, when the first time I did it it must have taken 2o minutes to half an hour? Granted, I was really exhausted the first time I did it because I felt under the weather. That is the great thing about sock knitting, getting better and faster on the SS.

I also showed off my Sockentine Swap socks at my Monday Needleworkers Anonymous meeting. Everyone loved them. My pal did a great job!

I am totally inspired yet again by Knitosaurus to try to do the Rogue pattern (sometime this year). (An aside: the Knitosaurus knitters do some of the cutest knits and I love their beautiful pictures modeling their knits against SE Alaska backdrops. They are too cute.) I know some of my NwAnon friends want to do it someday too. Torn between Jamieson's Aran and Green Mountain Spinnery's Mountain Mohair since I have heard both of these work well for the pattern. Jamieson's would be cheaper. I don't really want to substitute a yarn cheaper than Jamieson's, unless I hear of one that absolutely holds up and retains beautiful cable work. I figure if I am going to do that much work on a sweater, it is worth investing in a gorgeous yarn so that it will last a long time and I will want to wear it more. Let me know if you all have any opinions out there in blogland.

I may have to disappear for a few days, as I need to clean my house and try to accomplish as much work on an applique square as humanly possible before my class on Thursday. I have not started AT ALL. Oh well. I just take too many classes at once to get everything done.


YarnThrower said...

I really like the pattern on those socks! Just curious -- regarding lizard ridge - did you have to learn how to "knit backwards"? Your blanket square looks great so far, and I totally agree with not wanting to change balls of yarn every few rows! Awesome that it is softer with your yarn substitution, too! And, your heart quilt looks great!

Emma said...

Oooh, those socks look so pretty! I love those colors together. Beautiful.