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Thursday, February 15, 2007


I spent two hours yesterday trying to get the thread tension balanced on my sewing machine. I still don't feel it is right. So I don't have a completed quilt block to show you all. I did change the thread, change the needle, restring the thread, restring the bobbin, adjust top and bottom tensions, yada yada yada. I am going to try to get help on it tomorrow. It is funny, because when I ask for help on it, the instructor gets it right immediately. Nothing like feeling stoopid. :) I have had problems the last few times. I didn't always have such trouble.

But my club coordinator did agree that one of my fabrics was cut very askew, and gave me a new piece off of the bolt. It is only 1/4 yard wide, so it would really affect my cutting otherwise.

I don't have any significant knitting progress, although I have been working on my Cedar Creek socks. I have to keep hiding them from my fellow knitters, as they are in love with the Lucy colorway. If I go to Maryland Sheep and Wool, I may have to stalk the Blue Moon Fiber Artists booth for them. Or maybe we can just organize a large order for our SnB group, and make it easier as it can get rough in the mosh pit that the BMFA booth turns into at every show. :)

Anyone else going to Maryland Sheep and Wool? I really need to start saving up for that trip. Like in the worst way. I hear that it is a huge yarn budget blower. I was able to maintain control at Stitches East, but I hear MSW is WAAAAY bigger. Does anyone out there have any advice for the newbie?

More viewer mail from Kat:

kat said...
thanks for the answer...lucky me i already have a sewing machine (also a $100 model) because i've sewn some of my own clothes, i also have two containers of fabric to play with so we'll see. there is also a place here called Stitch Lounge that does basic quilting classes that I might try, the have machines & give you the fabric.

You are so lucky! That Stitch Lounge place sounds so cool! Just remember (but you probably already know) to stick to 100% cotton fabrics and thread from your stash for your quilting. I have tried doing some basic clothes sewing, but somehow I was much better at it when I was 13 than I am work ends up being cursed even though I do things correctly...too long of a story to explain. But I can manage quilting.

I have decided that I need to start building a stash of bunny and bear fabrics. You may have noticed that I have alot of bears on my blog. Bear is one of my many nicknames. And my husband and his family are partial to bunnies. I would like to do a themed quilt with the two someday.

If I think of some more knitting stuff, I will post again later today. But I have to get on with studying Spanish for my spanish class, and baking peanut butter bars for the Thimbleberries Club.


kat said...

busy woman, how do you find time for it all!
I think you woudl love stitch lounge...they even have sergers you can use.

brandilion said...

I made quilts once for my mother and mother-in-law for christmas. i think they fell apart.

Anonymous said...

pssst - this is your sock pal here. Your socks are on their way to you. They should be there very soon! Maybe even today?

[but I know how it is with the mailbox checking - my socks haven't arrived either, and no word from my pal....]