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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. I received a Valentine's theme quilt gift from my MIL. I will try to take a pic and post it later. For now, I just wanted to answer some comment questions before I have to run off to my Local Quilt Shop for cutting help.

Here is the pic:
It is a heart-shaped mug with red and white fat quarters in it.

kat said...
i'm really tossing around taking a stab at quilting (because i need more craft projects) i love the math part of knitting so perhaps it would be right for me

The only thing about quilting is that it is even more capital intensive (especially fixed costs) than knitting. So, depending on how much you want to get into buying your tools and sewing machine and really high quality fabric, it ends up being more expensive than knitting. But like knitting, you can reuse most of that stuff. My advice is to see if you can find a Local Quilt Store where they can let you use a machine or buy an inexpensive machine and take a few beginning quilting classes to see if you like it. My first machine only cost around $100, and it was a general sewing machine, not one made specifically for quilting.

Lily said...
I was thinking of the World Market down the street from me. They have such nifty stuff. I can't believe I didn't get goodie there for my sock swap pal....

You are so right! I usually go there for make your own gift baskety stuff. But somehow I only think of that stuff for my inlaws.

I made some progress on my Cedar Creek Socks. I am almost done doing the gusset decreases.

I promise to really try to make it to the post office today, dear swap pals. I forgot yesterday, and then the weather became really stormy and nasty. I will run by before I go to the quilt store.


MJ said...

I love the heart mug!
The socks are looking great!

kat said...

thanks for the answer...lucky me i already have a sewing machine (also a $100 model) because i've sewn some of my own clothes, i also have two containers of fabric to play with so we'll see. there is also a place here called Stitch Lounge that does basic quilting classes that I might try, the have machines & give you the fabric.