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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

One down, one to go

I have set a goal to knit at least two dishcloths this week for my MIL's birthday. So I have completed the Swish with a Twist pattern that I started yesterday. It is not blocked yet.

Swish with a Twist
Yarn: Peaches N Cream White
Source: My mom
Needle: Size 8 Bamboo Straights

Then I also realized it is my best friend's birthday in mid-March as well. She is another quilter and a new mother, so I figure I can buy her something crafty and she can use it herself in lieu of me rushing a project and aggravating the ole carpal tunnel. Hey, I need to preserve my sanity somehow. Also, I will probably do some home made bath salts and other things for presents as well.

It does not look good for me to complete my pair of socks for this month, with all of my quilting going on. Oh well. I will just have to butch up and try to complete one and a half pairs next month!

It is time to scoot along and try to work on the potholders too. I bought the additional fabric that I needed at Hancock Fabrics last night before my knitting group.

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