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Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Clapotis is done!

My Clappy is finished! Yay! Thanks to Dena at Brooks Farm, I had the courage to soldier on and finish! She went home and took pictures of her own Clapotis knitted in Four Play to show me where she had joined on her third skein. And since it looked as though I joined mine at about the same place, I proceeded. There were a few times last night where I looked at the shrinking ball of yarn with some doubt. But I finished it this morning and wove in the ends while watching Season 6 of the Sopranos on cable on demand. (Gotta love watching HBO series on demand. Somehow I fell way behind in my Sopranos. I think it was because of work.)

I want to thank Dena for taking the time to email back and forth with me SEVERAL times. It was really nice of her. It took awhile for her to respond to me because she thought she had already responded to my request. Trust me, I understand that. I used to work a job where I received at a minimum 50 emails a day (that does not include all the phone calls and internet chat requests too). And many were repetitive chains of replies between large groups of people. It gets overwhelming and one tends to get the kind of dementia where you swear you responded to an email, but you probably only did it in your dreams! (It is the kind of work situation where the only time you are not working, you are sleeping. Never again....)

SP10 Hostess Robyn (that is with a y, not an i, remember!) posted the latest contest:
Post a picture to your blog before the 15th showing me either your fave pattern ever knitted by you - or your most hated project that once you finished it - you absolutely wondered "Why the heck did I knit this". Want a challenge? Post both!

Honestly, can I include projects I hated so much that I NEVER finished them? I nominate my Einstein coat. I have not doubt it is a clever pattern, but I don't have the patience for miles of garter stitch. I am a true knitting crazy who craves challenge! In every project. I still have all the yarn, which I will use for some other sweater. Maybe I will turn what I have finished so far into a pillow.

I love alot of projects. But I think I will nominate the Clapotis because it was fast, interesting enough, but simple enough to breeze through it while at knitting groups or while watching TV. It is a good pattern that everyone from beginning to experienced knitters would enjoy.

I also think the Kittyville hats from SnB are fun. But I don't have any pictures of the two that I made from my brother and niece. That project teaches alot: Icords, knitting in the round on circs and dpns, and picking up stitches to attach earflaps and kitten ears.

Regarding my rant: Thanks for all the responses! I love the comments on being a "full-time mom" or "part-time XXX"...that is so true! And I have seen from my brother how much a new baby can absorb so much time! It is totally full-time, no matter whether you work or not. In fact, I had partially read a book (partially becaues it was a library book) that had researched the mommy wars. And you know what, it seems that the one conclusion I found is that we do it to ourselves. One side judges the other for working and being negligent, the other for staying home and being narrow-minded. Stereotypes are made and names called. Honestly, it is silly. I think we should just celebrate the fact that in 2007, women get to make choices either way. Or understand that others may have to work and don't have a choice. But we need to realize that OUR choice may not be the right choice for EVERYONE. And have empathy and compassion for mommies on all sides. :)

I have no doubt my neighbor did not mean to imply it directly. It just reminded me of others who do. I will say that I have noticed that she is a very proud woman...she recently had knee surgery, and her husband died last summer. I do my best to try to help her, offering to help her plant flowers and even pull weeds for her. But she refuses help. She is a very active and self-reliant woman. I guess I just have to wait on what else I can do.

And joke of all jokes: I am now on my HOA board. No one else would fill the offices. So I am secretary. For two years. I told my husband, now he really owes me because he skipped the meeting, and now I am on the board. Anyway, I am trying to look at it as a learning experience. And I am serving with two older gentlemen, who seem to be nice people so I was more willing to do it. We are a brand new community, so there is alot of work to do. Should be a laugh riot. :P

I have finished one block on Lizard Ridge finally. I will try to post pictures later.


Jean said...

Beautiful! I've been thinking of knitting one myself and always try to look at people's pics. Great colorway. did you like the Brooks Farm Four Play?
How is the weight for SC? (I'm living in the same climate...)

me myself and i said...

ooohhh..pretty clapotis!!

ericah64 said...

Ooooh, I love the Clappy! Revives my desire to make one.

Mandy said...

I really love your clap!! I just finished making my second one and an going to be making another one soon. I love the pattern! I have heard good things aobut the Brooks Farm Four Play. Is light light weight?

Elysbeth said...

Love your Clapotis. Very nicely done.

And remember, when someone says something not nice to you, it's about them....not you.

Knitting Mama said...

She looks great! Did you block it? Or are you not? Just curious! I'm in the middle of making a mini-clap - and I think I'm going to block it - because it's "mini" it coming out too small all curled in

Yours looks great!

Anonymous said...

She is a beautiful Clapotis (I've always thought of it as a "she" -- mademoiselle Clapotis, as it were). Nicely done! And I'm glad the yarn held out.

-Your SP10 SP

Beverly said...

Love the color of your clapotis. It is gorgeous!

Don't whether it's congrats or good luck on the hoa, so I'll wish you both.

Vanessa said...

I love it! The colors are gorgeous! I just finished mine . will post photos on Monday!

Jeri said...

I found your blog through the clapotis group, and had to come and see. Very nice!

I've been reading back through your blog and about your "yarn nerves". So you made it with three balls of fourplay? What size did it end up to be?

I have one on the needles just now. I'm also late to the party.

Suzanne said...

The Clapotis is beautiful!

kat said...

the clapotis looks beautiful so glad you had enough yarn!

s t a c i said...

Whew...big sigh of relief on the Clapotis. It's nice when things work out the way they should.

It's beautiful, and I'm sure you'll get a lot of wear out of it. I finished my Clap a few years ago, and it's still the scarf I reach for every time.