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Friday, February 08, 2008

Preggo Rant of the Day: February 8, 2008

Why is it that when I tell people my back hurts (now that I am only 5 months along), they say that it will NEVER GO AWAY?

1. I have had long term back problems for the last several years.
2. I do physical therapy exercises for my back EVERY DAY. I have done them every day for the last 3 freakin' years of my life. (Believe me, there are many nights I wish I could just go to sleep, but I cannot do that without doing exercise first or suffer the consequences.)
3. The chairs at the Knit Inn wrecked my back this last weekend.
4. What ever happened to the power of positive thinking? I believe that if I work on it, it will get better. I don't believe at 5 months I will be resigned to intense pain EVERY DAY for the next 4 months. I would think it would come a little later in the pregnancy. I am not that big yet.
5. These same people did not have these same comments until this week. As if I have magically changed overnight. Edited to add: And why do they walk away from you before you can even argue with them?

Thanks for letting me rant. I know that now that I am visibly pregnant, it is only the beginning of the stupid comments I will suffer for the next few months.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Drumroll please............

........the sex of our new baby is.......

a boy! DH is over the moon with this news.

Friday, February 01, 2008

See y'all...

...out and about this weekend. I will try to stop by the Knit Inn this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon. Just look for the 5-month pregnant lady with short brown hair and glasses. :) I should be the only one fitting that description (I do know at least two other pregnant knitters, but their hair is much longer than mine!). I may be waddling and breathing hard, too. I will also be running around like a crazy woman buying some groceries to make things for Super Bowl parties and to bake sugar cookies to ice in either pink or blue to announce the baby's sex on Monday! I can't wait to find out, and the little gal/guy is kicking and punching my stomach as I write. I must need to feed him some more yogurt and do less typing. :) I also hope to finish painting the nursery in the next few days, to include the faux clouds.

On the knitting front, I did finish a charity hat. Nothing fancy, just a regular ear-flapped hat. Maybe I will finish the fleece artist cardigan this weekend. We can only hope. :)

Is anyone else sick of this election yet? I hope for the next presidential election, we can learn not to start the darn thing so early. I had already hated how long they dragged on before this. Because all of the negativity that starts to come out, just like the intolerance in this election. Just nuts.