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Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm a little scarce right now

I am calling these 9 days the jubilee celebration of my husband's birthday. He is having such a stressful time at work that I am planning surprises for him every day. So far it is going very well, but because of it I am going to be a little scarce the next week. I have completed two cable repeats on my Inside Out Monsoon Socks for the STR club. It is fun, but don't try doing a 5/1/5 cable with alot of action going on around you, especially on metal needles! Whoops! and they stitches you just cabled slide right off. It could be stressful if you are not good a picking up dropped stitches. Thank goodness, now I am on size one needles for these, so it is going a bit faster....

Meanwhile, the Alaskan Knitters blog ring has grown by two more members! Slowly but surely, we will unite all the Alaskan Knitters out there. :) It is fun to see what everyone is working on.

I also just have to say how much I am loving my Ott lamp. I no longer have eye strain when I work on my knitting in bed...and reading is nice too!

See you in a few days. Asheville yarn crawl this weekend! Woohoo!


Anonymous said...

Your sock looks great. Encourages me to start mine.

Anne said...

I think my sister was very glad to be a part of the ring! She's still in Alaska, but I live in Georgia now (yah quite a difference!) and I actually happened upon yours and another ring-members sites by accident through other things! Your socks are looking great, and I hope your surprises for hubby continue to go well!

MJ said...

Your socks look great!
nice closeup!