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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Viewer mail

I decided to jump into the mosh pit long enough to answer some viewer mail:

YarnThrower said...
I really like the pattern on those socks! Just curious -- regarding lizard ridge - did you have to learn how to "knit backwards"? Your blanket square looks great so far, and I totally agree with not wanting to change balls of yarn every few rows! Awesome that it is softer with your yarn substitution, too! And, your heart quilt looks great!

No, I have not bothered to learn to knit backwards because I just wanted to get started on it. I am weeks behind the other KALers, but that is alright. I have many irons in the fire (as usual for me). I figure I am going to learn to knit backwards eventually, but me and the other KALers don't find it that much of a chore to turn the work. Especially in my case, since I am not dangling two balls of yarn at once since I am not changing colors. Therefore, I don't have the tangling problems one would normally have with turning the work so much.

Maybe I will post a picture of my applique square tomorrow. The applique squares we are doing are from Baltimore Basics, and are quite involved. So this square is going to take me awhile but maybe I will have enough done to show 1/4 of the square tomorrow. I am looking forward to learning how to do 3-dimensional flowers in this class.

I am off to clean my house. I am going to try to set a timer and split up my time between cleaning and applique today.

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