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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Yay! Two done!

I am a little annoyed with my sewing machine again. I can't seem to get the tension right again. It happens every time I switch thread. I feel as though I am tensionally challenged. So the potholders are on hold until I can figure it out. Dammit.

I just finished the second dishcloth. Again, I took my idea from Tricotine, since she has been doing so many dishcloths lately and I thought the wave pattern on this one would be perfect with the blues in the yarn. The original pattern was created by Leanne.

Yarn: Lily Sugar N Cream, Color 00133

Source: AC Moore

Needle: Size 7 Bamboo Straights

I would like to do one more, but honestly, I need to use my time to study spanish, work out, and get caught up on my socks and other projects! I also need to buy other presents. The weather is so nice here, all the northerners are going to be jealous!


ericah64 said...

Ooooh! I like both this one and the last one. Hmmm...makes me want to make some more dish cloths. Maybe they should be my "quick fix" in between other projects.

MJ said...

Love that washcloth very much!