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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Snikky, snikky, snikky....

So I have told you all that I have signed up for the Sockentine Swap on the Knitting Help Forum. Instead of using the Claudia Handpainted Santa Fe sock yarn, I have decided to order some Lisa Souza Sock! Merino in a special colorway for my swapee. It seems none of the sock yarns in my entire sock yarn stash will do. And no, I will not reveal my color choice here in case my swapee decides to visit my blog. The color is so specific to her preferences (I think) that she will know I am knitting the socks for her. So you all will just have to wait to find out!!!!!! I am excited, since I have not tried Lisa Souza yet. I will have to wait an extra few days because they need to dye the yarn since they have ran out of that color.

I am at the same time totally bummed that my Sundara Yarn Petals Collection has not arrived yet. Don't get me wrong, I totally understand the situation. It is just that I am afraid someone may take any boxes that are delivered if I am out all day or travelling. My neighbor has not been the best at picking up my mail AND my packages, even when I warn her that I am expecting packages. Oh, well...just keep your fingers crossed. I have only just joined the club, so I am anxiously awaiting my first delivery of her gorgeous yarn!

And I need to finish writing up the pattern for Samantha's Baby Blanket. I kept the blanket a few extra days in order to try to figure out everything that I did (No, I did not keep copious notes for once! Shocker!) have all sorts of hideous scrawled notes on a piece of paper from trying to reconstruct the pattern. I will try to post it tomorrow after I write it up all nicely.

I have been having so much fun listening to knitting podcasts while driving around running errands. I really love Lime N Violet. They make me feel like I am back in NY or TX sitting around with some wacky best girlfriends, where no topic is off limits as long as it is treated to a huge dose of humor. Thanks ladies for making me feel at home away from home....

Speaking of Texas, I am totally geeking out over the washcloth pattern that my DH's coworker found for me. It is a Texas Longhorns one, so y'all know I am going to be searching for some dark orange Peaches N Cream for this one. Please, let me know if you have ever seen any Sugar N Cream or like brands in a burnt orange. I would love you forever for the help!!!! Maybe I just need to get off my butt and head over to Hobby Lobby and AC Moore to find some. But I honestly don't recall seeing any. I just searched on google and apparently there is a color called pumpkin, so I am going to have to look for it. carries it, so if I am desperate, I can order it. But I would hate to order $5 worth of yarn just to incur $5 shipping or something. Yuck.

I have picked up work again on the Bob's Meadowlarks. Will post pics later.

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