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Friday, December 08, 2006

Philosopher's Wool = Super Nice

(Can't be an engineer without a few equations every now and then.)

To my dismay, two days ago my Philosopher's Wool birthday present arrived with a big slash in the soft mailer package. Two skeins were slashed! So I wrote an email to Philosopher's Wool and Ann Bourgeois called me this morning and asked me to send samples of the two damaged skeins so that they could match colors and replace them! She was really, really nice. It is so nice to find people in the yarn industry that provide good customer service in replacing damaged goods. It is so refreshing.

I will start on the Philosopher's Wool Tradition Sweater in the Peacock Colorway after I finish a fair isle hat. I want to get in some easy practice before I take the big plunge...maybe at the end of January or so.

Meanwhile, I know you all are wondering what I am doing as I have not posted pictures of knitting content. I am still working on my mom's Christmas scarf and then THE BLOB, aka, baby blanket, for my most bestest friend....

Mohair Boucle Scarf
Pattern: My own (CO 24 stitches, K2P2 until desired length)
Yarn: Kid Mohair Boucle in "Lily Pond" Colorway ( Sport Wt, 250 Yards, One Skein)
Source: Koenig Farm & Spinnery,
Needle: Size 10 1/2 Clover Bamboo 24" Circs

Samantha's Baby Blanket
Pattern: TBA
Yarn: Berocco Hush (Color #6303) and Lullaby (Color #4303)
Source: Yarns Forever

Needle: Size 13 Clover Bamboo 36" Circs

I promise, promise, promise to post a nice picture of the blob when it is finished with the ribbon woven around the sides of it. I just wanted to take a picture that did not give away TOO much, as my friend checks out my blog and I only want to assure her it is getting done yet not ruin the surprise! The baby blanket is of my own pattern. Maybe I will post that when I am done! It uses Berocco Hush and Lullaby.

Oh, and I forgot to say her baby was born one month early (last friday) so now I am behind! AHHHHH! I thought I was doing fine on Christmas and baby knitting until that day. :) Oh well, you can only plan life so much.

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Anonymous said...

very nice colors.. i luv pastels
your canadian friend