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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My heart bleeds....

Oh no! I have been having problems with my Lisa Souza Sock! yarn since I received it. It was the yarn that I picked for my KH forum sockentine swap partner. It has been dying my hands and bamboo needles as I knit it. I thought I could get the dye to set by soaking the completed socks in a vinegar solution. This morning, when I went to wash the loverly vinegary smell out of the socks, this is what happened...

Note the dee-lish-us looking grape kool aid colored water. :) Icky icky no no.

This is not what I wanted for my sockie pal.

So I wrote to Lisa Souza asking for advice. It turns out they have been having problems with a new red dye they are using. She told me to try simmering the socks in a stronger vinegar solution. She was also nice enough to say that she is going to send me a free skein of non-red sock yarn. So, many thanks to Lisa Souza for great customer service. It is nice to still find companies who stand by their products. Well, the color won't be as vibrant as I hoped. But I am sure they will still be pretty.

In the meantime, I have casted on a pair of Socks that Rock Cedar Creek Socks in the Lucy colorway lightweight yarn. You may remember that I picked it up at Stitches East. Sorry for the nice yellow flourescent light, but this is what we get for taking nightime pics, and flashes distort colors even worse than lighting. Oooh, do I love this colorway. It does remind me of a cat with blue eyes. I disappointed my SnB mate by not knitting the cats paws pattern, but I just wanted to cast on something easy.

Tomorrow I begin a KAL for Knitty's Lizard Ridge throw at Yarns Forever. So with all of my projects going on, I may get knitting ADHD.

That reminds me, the Knitty Winter Surprise Patterns are up. I like the henley, but I am not sure if I would wear it. I definitely like the Elbac reversible cable scarves, and got a kick that another knitting former engineer designed them. I will have to drop her a line. We engi-nerds need to stick together!

This weekend is our guild's annual Knit In. I hope that it will be another great year, more organized and better classes than last year. Last year I felt that it kind of fell apart due to infighting within the guild. I hope they return to the tradition of putting on a good, fun event for our guests. If you are going, stop by and say "hi" to me because GUESTS are welcome. That means you! I will be in and out during the weekend as I have some other obligations besides knitting! (Say it isn't so!)

I am sorry that I have been slowing down on my knitting. My carpal tunnel has flared up a bit this past week. So send healing happy-knitting vibes my way.

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