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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Adventures in non-crafty world

I am back from Gainesville. It was a great trip. I did not get to check out the LYS, but from what I have read on the internet, it is not that great. So I will just have to check it out on another trip there.

I went to the local grocery store yesterday to buy Kool Aid for my Sock Swap Pal. I decided to buy for her 4 packets of almost every color, since some colors are so similar. I had read on the knitpicks website that one needs a packet per ounce of yarn, so 4 packets would cover dying a skein of most sock yarns. The surly teenage girl checking me out (who seemed to be bothered to be interrupted from checking her text messages) was a real joy. Here is the conversation:
Surly Girl - Did you leave any kool aid back there?
Me - Yes. There is plenty of kool aid. I have to buy so much because it is used as a dye.
Surly Girl - Do you have enough of it?
Me - I am buying it for a friend in England who cannot get it there. So I am buying some for her in every color.

Never mind, she is not very smart as she insisted on ringing up every single packet individually, instead of counting and multiplying times the one price. My smiles and kindness could not change her demeanor, so I just ended the conversation there. Also, it was only a total of $13 of kool aid, so I was hardly breaking the bank.

>Sigh< Non-crafty people just don't understand. (Yeah, an ages old conclusion.)

Promise to post some sock pictures soon. I have finished one sock for my Sockentine Pal while riding in the car to Florida. Need to start on the next one.

All you lurkers out there, please comment! I would love to hear from you. It would make my day. :)

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