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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Knitting Resolutions, Part Deux

I just thought of another one, while talking to the nurse at my doctor's office:

1. Learn to crochet.

Maybe, technically, it is not a knitting resolution but a crocheting resolution. However, I think it is a knitting resolution because crocheting skills come up in so many knitting projects: crocheting edges, crocheting details, chains, etc..

I have been so naughty, not posting on my blog. But hey, I have been mostly working on my Sockentine's socks, and I didn't want to post pictures of those. But I think I will now, as there are other socks being posted in the same color, so as to cast maybe a little confusion as to who is the pal?

Also, I have been catching up on old knitting podcasts. It is fun to listen to them while driving errands in my car. Better than the sucky radio stations around here.

I have been putting off calculating how many miles of sock yarn I have, only because I have been busy. This is for Lime N Violet's Sock Marathon 2007. Time to get down to business and work on that today. Okay, I promise to at least try since the laundry is (temporarily) done (for now)!

Here it is....Heaven help me! It is pathological in the color choices: green, blue, purple, orange and red. A little pink when I get things on deep discount, and that is the only color left. (I say this, since I know I am being stalked by my sockentine and sock swap pals! Hope this helps!)

I can explain this insanity: When I travel, I buy sock yarn. I do not buy touristy tshirts, I repeat, I buy sock yarn. I go to LYSs and buy sock yarn that I cannot buy at my own LYS. Sock yarns that I have heard about online and want to try. So there you go, at least it helps some.

I count 35 pairs of socks, and I have an unfinished pair OTN for my husband. That makes a total of 36. Now, lets throw in the two sock clubs I joined this year. Man, did I need an LnV intervention. I commit to try to knit at least one pair of socks a month this year, fah shizzle!
I promise to try to count the mileage this afternoon. This could take awhile, so don't hold your breath! :P
Update: Yowza! This is hilarious. So I did the math and figgered out that I had 78.3 miles. Okay, seems a little high, and please, nobody tell me husband. Like a good engineer, I triple-checked and it was really only 7.83 miles because I was off by a decimal in the conversion factor. Whew! I almost had an anxiety attack over how many socks I would have to knit to reduce my stash!


Anonymous said...

You have a lot of sock yarn. I thought my stash was bad. I haven't figured out the miles but that's crazy!!! I'm totally with you about buying sock yarn. I'm the same way. I usually buy multiple skeins though. My local yarn shop knows about this obsession (it's a small town) and when she buys sock yarn she purposely buys colors she knows I won't be able to live without. Now that's just plain mean. :)

Julie said...

that sock is looking great! and your yarn stash of sock yarn, man am I envious! You can send me some if you have too much, I wouldn't mind. ;o)

Hayley said...

Wow!! What an impressive stash you have. I am in awe!! I am busy getting together some more yarn for you to add to said stash.
Regards your stalker, oops I mean Sock Pal :-))

Carol Ann said...

My stash is mostly in one place, but I have stray skeins here & there about the house. I keep running into them when I'm looking for other things. I'm beginning to think I should really gather them all up in one place, but I'm afraid the pile will look something like yours. :)