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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Forgive me father....

So I confessed to my husband how many miles of sock yarn that I have. He did not (visibly) looked surprised or shocked. Until I quantified that it was 36 pairs. I said, well, I am going to be giving many of them away. Whew. I guess he figures that I collect sock yarn like he collects books. We have a whole room of our house devoted to shelves of books. And even more books everywhere! And I am part of that problem too! Too many books and too little time. Those who live in glass houses....

Since the Gators won, we have decided to trek down to Gainesville for the celebration, hooking up with our friend in Orlando. It should be a fun weekend! I love Gainesville. I love cool little college towns.

So it may be a few days until I post some knitting pictures. Don't worry sock pals, I am working on my gifts to you!

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