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Monday, January 22, 2007

Taking care of swap business....

Last Friday I mailed out my first swap package. This is for the sockamaniac swap, and my swap pal lives in England. So I had to be sure to get the package out with enough time for it to ship, work its way through customs if need be, and on to her. I did not take any pictures of it because I want it all to be a surprise. :)

This last weekend, I mostly knitted on the second sock for the sockentine swap on Knitting Help Forums. I am almost to the heel flap of my second sock.

I also found this too cute amigurumi patterns on

Panda Pirate

I am probably going to start learning crochet in the next month to do these things. The Purl shop owner was so nice to send a free amirgurumi pattern to me so that I can see if I am really interested in buying. So I am going to have some friends who know crochet teach me and I can test drive!

For those of you who don't know, I also quilt. (Well...I have other hobbies too but we won't go into that yet.) I started to learn how to quilt a little over a year ago. I went to my first Thimbleberries meeting this last Saturday. I do not usually like the darkness of Thimbleberries' products. I joined this year because they are doing a lighter-colored version of their quilt, and I figured I could use projects and instruction throughout the year to help me learn. Because my primary hobby is still knitting, I do not dedicate as much time to learning quilting as I should. Some of the ladies that I sat next to were so nice. That helped me feel welcome, as I was the youngest person there. That fact usually does not bother me, but here in South Carolina, -isms seem to be more prevalent than I am used to. One of them being ageism. So, thanks to all of those welcoming quilting ladies out there. You know who you are. :) You embrace sharing your craft with the younger generation just like many knitters do, and I love that. :)

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