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Thursday, March 29, 2007

SP10 Contest Post

Please post (on your blog) about your favorite yarn and your least favorite yarn (if you have one!) What have you made with it? Tell us about your experiences! - Robyn

Ooh. Well, I have quite a few favorite yarns. So I will narrow it down to two categories: sock yarn and non-sock yarn.

For sock yarn: Socks That Rock Lightweight. I have only made socks with it so far, such as the Cedar Creek in my post below. I am so in love with their sock yarn. You can make mistakes, frog it back 10 times, split it, and it still comes back together and knits up beautifully. And I love merino wool, it is so nice to your hands.

For non-sock yarn: Morehouse Farms Merino wools. Again, my love affair with merino. Knitting with theirs is like knitting with cotton candy. Nice and loosely spun but not splitty. Sooo nice. I don't have any pictures of my finished cardigan, but I will try to remember to do that. And their patterns are clearly written.


Lily said...

First congrats on the cedar creeks. They look fab. Second, no I don't have KP DPNs. I do have classic circs and their KP Options. Based on my experience with both of these types of needles, I'd go for their DPNs. I'm not a fan of wood or bamboo or plastic DPNs. But, I'm not fan of DPNs in general either. I have yet to find a pair to fall for.

My mom is having non-major surgery this Monday I think. So, I may not be at the NWA. It's still up in the air.

Anonymous said...

MMmmMMMmmmm Merino. Yummy stuff! (mental note to self: Merino for SP10!)