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Monday, March 12, 2007

So sorry, but I am making progress

Sorry I have not posted in quite a few days. I said in my last posts that I was going to work hard on my socks. Well...not so much. I decided to take a break on the socks because I felt tired of working on my Cedar Creek ones. Instead, I frogged back on my Clapotis a few rows, and have gotten quite a bit done on it in the last week. I am now halfway through Section 3! Yay!

I plan on getting alot of sock and Clapotis knitting done later this week!

I also wanted to share a tiny picture of my applique, since that has been detracting some from the knitting, but not much. Fortunately, the applique class is over, so now I can do it on my own time schedule.

When I get further along, I can share some ruched flowers and other flowers!


sgeddes said...

Looks like you have some great projects going on. Good luck on the Clapotis. I just finished my first one. I love the color you picked.

shopgirl said...

lovely clapotis! Wonderful color!