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Saturday, March 24, 2007

I am ready to cry...(again)

I am finally on the third section of my clapotis! But last night I figured out that I am going to run out of yarn before I finish. I know you know how devastating this could be. Who knows if I can even get more yarn. I suspect that it is a nonrepeatable colorway that I purchased from Brooks Farm at SAFF. (Yes, I have already emailed them to ask. But my hopes are not high. I have also tried googling, but have not found anyone else with it.) Who really wants to frog back and reduce the number of middle repeats? (Not you. Not me.) When I bought it, their display said 3 skeins was enough. Since then, I have read that people may need more yardage than what the pattern calls for. (Oh no. I wish I had known that earlier. But I came to the Clapotis bandwagon late.) Oh well, if I really have to, I will frog back.

Meanwhile, I am stuck at home being all "shroomy." That is short for mushroomy. It is a gorgeous weekend in the low 80s, and I am inside watching movies and slathering on facial creams and sunblock. Why? I had to get a skin treatment for my melasma which leaves my skin VERY sensitive to sun exposure. Which will require that I wear tons of sunblock and big floppy hats for two months. I figure I will be well enough in time for Marlyand Sheep and Wool (MSW). I am also trying to figure out how to get started on my vegetable pot garden. I suspect I will be in my garage with the door down prepping all the pots and letting my husband drag them outside for me. Ladies, the lengths we go to in order to be gorgeous. Of course, I would rather be hiking, but DH LOVES LOVES LOVES the fact that I just want to sit around inside and watch movies, his favorite weekend pasttime.

I guess I can finally work on the socks I have been putting off...trying to forget about my clapotis heartbreak. :( even better idea is to start my dream swatch scarf. I need to look glamorous this summer. :) Under my big floppy hats and sunglasses.

I hope all of my friends are having fun in TN at the "other" Southeastern Fiber Fair.


YarnThrower said...

Okay, this is too weird.... I have strange issues with my skin, too, though I think mine are more related to allergic reactions, though one year I had breakouts, itching, and swelling on only sun-exposed areas, so I was walking around in long-sleeved shirts and hats on 80 degree days, etc. Anyway, so sorry about your Clapotis and running out of yarn. I think I have anxiety about running out of yarn on almost every project I work on. Such a bummer... I hope it works out.

Kelley said...

Ugh, you sound like me right now. I'm having the same kind of heartbreak issues with a sweater I'm making for my son, so I'm comiserating with you. Hope it starts going better soon!


Anonymous said...

Try to enjoy being inside knitting. It's always tough when you can't go outside so it's not your choice to sit and watch movies. I'm sure you will figure out something to do with your clapotois.

kat said...

oh what abummer about the clapotis. I had to go back & get more yarn for mine too, i've heard that from a lot of people

Knitting Mama said...

What yarn are you using for your Clapotis?

I actually live in the same city as Kate Gilbert - who's pattern is the Clapotis. She had the original Clapotis on display in a yarn shop here, but due to an unfortunate accident, the clapotis got washed and ruined... oops! It was pretty cool seeing the original one tho!

Do tell me what yarn you're using for yours!

Your SP10 Hostess Robyn