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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

I'm not dead yet...

For those of you who are sensitive, it is just a Monty Python quote...relax and accept my apologies.

MDSW has taken it out of me. Maybe it was the drunken wedding party that kept me up to 4 am on Friday night at the hotel. Maybe it was walking through miles and miles of craft booths and sheep stalls. Maybe it was the yarn sensory overload. Maybe it was the 18 hours of driving there and back. Dunno. But I am beeeeaaaat. (Imagine that being said like a lamb's baaaah.)

I have to say though, my travelling partner rocks! We both talk (but she tells the best stories), like to eat real meals with silverware for dinner but don't mind the fastfood during the day, wake up early and take like 15 minutes to get ready so we can get good parking, and we both like to independently shop and just meet up later. Definitely low maintenance women. We had a great time, and lack of sleep did not keep us from getting into The Fold's line early on Saturday. I think I was like around the 20th to 30th person in that line. So I was able to buy some for a friend.

Anyhoo, I am going to postpone the long update for now. For the weather is briefly cool here in SC, and I need to get outside and pull up my pansies, plant a daylilly and only a few impatiens. I am going to try to make this garden not as high maintenance. Too many impatiens means too much watering time. I will try to do some tomatoes in pots later this week.

I also have to go volunteer at the organic produce buying club this afternoon, so I better get going!

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