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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Casualty of blogging and knitting...

The 'ole carpal tunnel seems to be flaring up today. And some back pain. And since I have to try to make it to aikido tonight, I better get moving today. I can't sit here too long reading blogs.

Can somebody PLEASE stop the 24-hour Paris Hilton news stream? I DON'T FREAKIN' CARE WHAT SHE DOES. It falls in line with my DH's and my "Why the freak is this news?" ponderings. (We are known to mutter this, directed at the TV about once a day. No, we are not crazy. :) ) It is a shame that alleged 24 hours NEWS channels cover this kind of tabloid junk to the extent that they do. It is the dumbing down of America. No, we can't REALLY know what is going on in the world, just be happy with finding out what drugged up stunt Lindsey Lohan pulled this week...and oh, by the way did you see what designer bag she was carrying while doing it? It is this kind of junk that is seriously causing me to lean to a TV-free lifestyle for awhile. But then I would miss good things like 24. It is time to turn off the TV. And this reminds me of joking with my knitting group last night, that a woman sitting next to me on an airplane trip kept giving me strange and disgusted looks while I was knitting on the plane...but she is better than me because she spent her time reading People magazine. Oh the horror, the horror....

Okay, I know this is a repeat of an earlier rant, but I just can't take it sometimes. Junk news creates mental clutter.

I want to say for the zillionth time that my husband is the sweetest man. He went for his first golf lesson last night (he already plays some, but wants to get better), and one of the first things he says is that he almost bought a set of clubs for me last night. Because he does not want to be out there having fun without me. Isn't that sweet? I told some muggles that he would not make me into a golf widow, but I am sure many of them are saying "Yeah, right." in their heads. But that is not his way.

And this is really not so strange, considering I LOVE sports. All those years in softball have given me many skills that I can transfer to things like golf. And I am a wee bit competitive with myself.

I plan on getting clubs soon, but I want to take some lessons on demo clubs before I pick some out. I had taken some lessons a few years ago and loved it, but did not have time to really learn. I had to work my way through business school, so I did not have the leisure time I would have liked. I am waiting for my two neighbors to set up group lessons for us ladies. But they seem to not really be going through with it...I may have to set up my own lessons.


Isis said...

I hear you about the horror, the horror! Sorry to hear about the carpal tunnel: no good indeed. Here's hoping it settles itself down soon.

Bubblesknits said...

Glad to know someone else shares my opinion on the Paris Hilton news stream. :( The last time I was this disgusted was when they gave more news coverage to the death of Anna Nicole Smith than most presidents get when they pass away. Former leaders of our nation vs. Vapid Playboy Bunny. Hmm...something tells me our media has it's priorities wrong...yet again.

As for the golf, I can totally relate. My husband loves to play and attempted to teach me after we married. My years of Softball training kept kicking in right as I would make my swing. The feeling that "something wasn't right" just never went away. Finally, our class was over and to vent some frustration, I started picking up golf balls and "pop-flying" them out on to the green. I had more fun doing that than anything. Of course, the instructors weren't too happy with me either. lol

Oh, and have you tried those wrist support things for carpal tunnel? It's almost like a really firm spandex. They're freakin ugly, but they don't restrict movement as much as the braces.