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Thursday, May 03, 2007

All is quiet on the Southern front....

But anybody who knows anything about an wary when an army is they are preparing to launch an offensive! (Or establish a killer defense, but that analogy does not work here.)

Yes, I am talking about Maryland Sheep & Wool (MSW). My blog has been kind of quiet. I am preoccupied with mainly MSW packing, and I was gone last weekend so I am catching up with things.

MSW packing list:
-iPod and car adapter
-cell phone and charger
-closed toe shoes
-camping chair
-sun hat
-sun block
-knitting shopping wishlist
-Others' knitting wishlists (something about buying for others makes me feel better)
-sock knitting
-raincoat (I am convinced that 95% of the time, if I bring a raincoat it will not rain. It is not even in the forecast.)
-vendor list (highlighted)

You can tell I am such a gadet geek. The iPod makes many a long road trip fly by.

And now for SP10 Contest # 5:
Contest Number 5 is about to begin. All you have to do is blog about what you do while knitting. Is there aunique way you like to cuddle up with your yarn and needles? Do you watch TV? Do you listen to the radio? A podcast? Do you drink tea? Coffee? Wine? Do you have to wear slippers? Do you have to have peace & quiet? Do you have a fave spot?

Typically, I knit in my bed with coffee, first thing in the morning while watching the news. Or at night in bed while watching tivo'ed programs like 24, Grey's Anatomy, etc.. I sit under my brand new Ott lite which is totally helping with the old eye strain issue. I usually listen to podcasts while driving around in my car. Sometimes I sit in a chair, but often at night I like to spread out in bed to relax my back. I guess sock knitting and smaller projects is best for that. :)
Here is the April Socks That Rock Kit. Walk on the Wild Tide Colorway. Sorry, the Ott lite is not doing in justice, but my sunroom table is covered with stitch marker making stuff (for my swap partners).

I probably won't post for a few days. Since I will be gone to MSW!


YarnThrower said...

I hope you have a great time a MSW !! One day I want to go there, too, though it would be a longer drive for me....but, a gal can dream!!

Isis said...

Have a great trip--can't wait to hear about it when you come back.

Anonymous said...

Have fun at MSW! Your list of supplies looks to be pretty much perfect. - Your SP10 Pal

Suzanne said...

That yarn is beautiful!