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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's that time of year...

...where we all migrate to SAFF. I hope to see you guys there. If Ryan cooperates, I will be heading up with my husband on Friday. Now, my husband said he is going with me, and I hope he does but you all know how guys are.

Here are some of the latest pics. He already has his first tooth! I swear to God he will be starting college tomorrow at the rate he is going. :) He is also in a growth spurt.

Isn't he dreamy? Too cute for words. I am just all a-squish.

I have started knitting. It is only a hat for my husband, but at least it is something that I can manage. Ryan is funny as he likes to watch me knit. He stares as if he is trying to figure it out. I let him touch the yarn and the knitted fabric. But not the needles! He is at the grabby stage, and I do not need him poking his own eyes!


Princessliak said...

He is cute and with a tooth already!

Beverly said...

Have fun at SAFF!

Lily said...

You're missed, but all the new mommies are absent & we understand. Hope you found some good stash enhancements at SAFF.