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Friday, January 02, 2009

I know, I know... has been forever since I have posted. I have been sick since Thanksgiving. I have had colds and viruses that have really kicked my butt. So, I apologize. Life gets in the way sometimes.

My prince is now 6 months old. I love him so much.

I have been trying to clean and organize my office and other parts of the house again. I seem to go through cycles where certain rooms get neglected. Other rooms get more daily pickings up and all. I hope to try to stop doing this (the neglecting of rooms for 2-3 months, piles of filing, ugh). I now have all of my knitting stash in the office. Except for two baskets that have yarn in the living room, so they are serving a decorative function as well. I need someplace to hide some of this sock yarn so my DH does not get overwhelmed by the sheer quantity. Actually, I think he already was yesterday. I showed him my new queue in Ravelry which is now something like 40 projects, not including all of my sock yarn, today. He was like, "Jesus.". I probably have at least 50-60 pairs worth of sock yarn right now. At least he knows we will have plenty of socks when the economic apocalypse comes. I am seriously squashing my purchasing, even at Stitches South. Spending money on baby formula has made that easy. Some people are fairweather friends and don't understand being economically constrained. They can get over it. I am not such a person. My friendship is not conditional. (Well, unless your condition is that you are a beeyotch.)

Now is the time of year to review our knitting resolutions, and make new ones.

2008 Resolutions:

1. Design and publish two of my own patterns. --> Ah, no. I have been a little busy.
2. Complete another Morehouse Farm Sweater kit (from Stash). --> See #1.
3. Restart fair isle projects and finish them, with good gage. --> See #1.
4. Start and complete a project in continental. This should be combined with resolution #3. --> Do dishcloths count?
5. Dye on my own. --> See #1. (I see a sickening trend here.)
6. Use of some of my insane sock yarn stash by knitting baby items. --> You know, I really did try. But when I had to frog a single EZ Baby Surprise Sweater for the 20th time, I decided to stop banging my head against the wall. Seriously, pregnancy hormones made me a mental fruitloop in the knitting department.
7. Put more of my stash and projects on Ravelry. --> OMG. I just did some of this today. I did the project queue. Don't hold your breath for the yarn stash.
8. Knit and/or quilt two baby blankets. One for stroller and carseat, one full sized. --> See #1 and #6.
9. Avoid Christmas knitting requests. This year, I will just say no. The only knitted Christmas presents will be surprises. --> Yay! SUCCESS!

Okay, so I did not get far. The pregnancy hormones squashed my knitting desire (I was too tired) and also made me so horrible at keeping track of where I was in a pattern, so that I made too many mistakes. So I think we will keep the resolutions simple this year.

2009 Resolutions:

1. Reduce Ravelry Queue by 5 projects (this is quite ambitious, considering I don't remember completing anything but a pair of socks this last year).

2. Knit something(!) finally for my son. Please don't give me the bad mother award.

3. Maybe glance at and fondle my fair isle, in hopes of learning better two-stranded tension by osmosis.

4. Avoid Christmas Knitting requests again. I really hate deadline knitting. It brings out the knitting procrastinator in me.

5. Teach others to knit. I am already setting this up for one of my mommies groups, based on another's request. I never even thought of it before. How brilliant! I can make my contribution to the mommies group Mom's Night Ins (MNIs) in an inexpensive way. And I hope to make it fun with nibblies and wine. Because, like Patsy and Edina, everything is better with a drink and nibbly bits.


YarnThrower said...

YES -- By all means -- DISHCLOTHS **DO** COUNT! Sounds like you're very busy with your baby. When my first son was little, I couldn't believe how much time it took just to care for him and run the household (and still, many things in the house are neglected), and if somebody tried to explain it to me, I never would have believed it. You're doing important work there, so don't worry too much about not getting much knitting done. That will all get so much easier, and sooner than you know it -- time goes so fast. I taught my moms' group how to knit, too. One person in the group really embraced it and got hooked; it didn't "grab" the rest of them, though they were good sports. Still, it was fun to share that with them.

Happy New Year!

alittlebitofscrap said...

I like your resolutions. I'm not a good Christmas knitter either. I tend to procrastinate until the very last minute.