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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gloriously Delinquent... how I would describe myself. My mom just left town from her first visit to see her grandson. I have also been sooo busy running around to Doctors and therapy appointments for Ryan. We are still seeing an OT for eating (though we have started practicing spoon feeding to get ready for the next step) and a PT to address his development. He has challenges because he is hypotonic and has reflux. But he has made amazing progress in the last two weeks. He has already rolled over many times, is feeling and grabbing things with his index finger and thumb, and so many other things I can't remember them all. So he is really catching up.

As you can see, he is really a character. He is quiet, observant, and social. Every day, I am more and more convinced that babies are a miracle. Each and every one.

Every now and then I get to see a few knitters. I have to avoid one knitting group because people have shingles in it, and I can't risk exposing Ryan to the chicken pox at such a young age. If I can get my yarn out of storage, I hope to start knitting a hat for my husband in his school colors.

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Princessliak said...

I love that picture of him on your chest - my babe loves that position the most.