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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Things are getting better...

...the little guy is finally managing his acid reflux, thanks to Prevacid and formula with rice cereal in it. He is finally sleeping better, and is smiling alot! I think he was delayed on smiling because the acid reflux put him in so much pain that he did not feel like smiling. Now he smiles all the time! He gets his 2 month old shots tomorrow morning. I am so proud of him and I am looking forward to getting out more after he has the shots. Maybe I can finally start making it to some of my old knitting groups once in awhile!
Here is an old picture of him smiling. It is hard to catch him smiling on film, as he gets serious anytime a camera is near.

And here is a picture of his chubbier self, rockin' the faux hawk.

Of course, I still don't have time to knit. But maybe I will try to work on that. It is hard to do when you know you need to play with your baby and still get chores done. It is funny that he is so big (already 14 lbs and at least 25 inches), that he would never fit into anything I would have knit for him for this winter, even with all of my best guesses as to how big to make it. So it is a good think I did not finish knitting anything!

I am ecstatic! I found out today that someone finally bought my shirt design on (there is a link on the bottom of my page). I think that means I need to finally get off my butt and design some more. It is the tshirt that I wore to Stitches East last year. I know you all know how tough it is to wear or display your art and receive zero positive comments on it. It is almost as bad as getting negative criticsm. Well, that is what had happened to me. So it feels so nice that someone actually liked it enough to buy it! Thank you whoever you are! You made my day. :)


Beverly said...

He's adorable. Congrats on your first sale.

Suzanne said...

He is so cute!!!