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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jimminy Crickets!

Good God! Has it been over a month since I have posted? It does not help that we took a trip to Boston for a conference, and since then I have been generally freaking out by cleaning out closets and cupboards purging stuff. Trying to make room for baby. Getting rid of junk I don't use. Many of you know that I do this periodically anyway, but since my feet are starting to hurt so soon after standing (even with shoes on) that I am trying to find ways I can help fix up the house without my husband being here to in small projects.

The good news is that we have finished painting the nursery and setting up the furniture. I need to get crafty and try to convert the unused bumper pad into a wall hanging for toy storage. Maybe I will do a tutorial on that! That would be cool. The room is still a mess because I turned out the entire closet (aka yarn stash storage central) and am still trying to find places to store the stash. I purged 3 grocery bags of yarn to donate to charity and friends. So I still kept most of my stash of course. I still have to find someplace to put the UFOs, and then organize all of my sewing and knitting stuff that is now relegated to a tiny corner of our office. I will try to get this done today. I hope to install rubbermaid adjustable shelving in the nursery closet this weekend to expand baby stuff storage. I have to wait for DH's help as that will involve leveling an 8 ft track which is a little hard to do on your own. :)

I have already sold a few skeins I bought in Boston. I always go overboard. I will try to take pictures of what else I bought, do some store reviews, and a nursery in progress picture this weekend.

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Beverly said...

Welcome back to blog land. Glad that all is going well.