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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why oh why?

Why oh why can't my husband remember to take out the recycling ever? Or to even sort it correctly (he is getting better).

I have killed my back today lugging out the paper and aluminum recycling, even with splitting it up into two different containers to lighten the load.

I don't need this with the pregnancy. I *just* entered the last trimester. To try to counteract it, I have already done my physical therapy today but it is not enough. I envision some light walking and ice in my near future. Darn it. I wish I could take advil, but with being pregnant I am stuck with tylenol only.

I had the blood glucose test yesterday. The doctor went to check the fetal heart rate and immediately said "He is a really active baby, isn't he?" My husband and I had to laugh. Because I have been saying for at least two months now how active he is, but honestly we have no point of reference. And I don't want to label my child as "hyperactive" from the womb. That would be some bad parenting right there. But it did reassure me that all of these Rocky Balboa punches that I am receiving indicate that he is THAT active and not just my bad judgement. It took the doctor a little longer to find the heart rate for all of the noise and moving the baby was doing. (I suspect he also enjoyed the sugar rush of that fruit punch flavored glucose drink. :) )

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