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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Not so great news...

I had finally headed out of the hotel room yesterday, turned circles in dowtown ATL to get to Peachtree St and on my way to Druid Hills when I get a cell phone DH did not get into the conference. Can't really explain how the system works, as it is a government run thing and we all know how that goes. Even though there is space for more people, they do not let more people in. Don't ask me how that makes business sense, because it does not you see. That is the federal government in action. So, basically, I had to head back to the hotel and check out. Fortunately, I had all of my stuff packed up already since we knew not getting in was a possibility.

This news was really a let down, because I was looking forward to spending two days wandering around on my own time, with no obligations on my time. I never get to do that in Atlanta. Not even time to branch out to new LYS or to see the Aquarium. I DID spend 5 hours hitting Trader Joe's, Dekalb Farmer's Market, two yarn stores and Lennox Mall for some California Pizza Kitchen for a late lunch. I was the model of shopping efficiency. :) I did manage to head out of ATL at 4 pm, and miss the worst of rush hours there and in Greenville.

Sometimes I still wish I lived in a big city. Don't miss the traffic, just miss all the stuff to explore.

I also managed to resist buying more sock yarn. I did buy a skein of Mountain Colors Twizzle in Steelhead colorway at Why Knot Knit. I thought it would make a cute beanie to add to my beanie collection.

Today, I am picking up the house, made two batches of pesto with all of the fresh basil I have growing wild in this heat, and will go to my first interior design class. Not too bad for being home. :)

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