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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Holy Shnikees!

I feel a case of mild anxiety already starting to hit me over Christmas knitting. For I have nary knit a stitch in the last week. I hope to remedy this soon, as I am taking a vacation next week and the volunteer work should slow down a bit for about a month. Thank goodness. There is nothing like starting to panic when it is only August. The main contributors, other than volunteer work is that I may be starting to work and have also signed up for those Interior Design classes, which the instructor promises will be ALOT of work. I basically get to redesign my entire house. By DECEMBER. Since I already spend most nights out doing various groups, that is alot o' extra work. But I am actually really excited by that. I would love to come up with a whole color scheme and everything for my house.

Yes, I know. I am the one that always signs up for so much craziness going on in my life at once. For once, I am actually thinking I may have overextended myself. That is very rare for me!

I did not get to take any scenics really, on my trip to NC last week. I spent almost the entire day spent in the back seat of an SUV with my two nieces, being permanently set into the shape of a semicolon. Looking at houses and the area. My two nieces, who are 5 and 8, talked or fought the entire time. Now, this is not extraordinary, as many of us know how little girls of those ages are. But it was really quite funny to see my husband be exhausted and frustrated by it. Is it because I have a mommy gene that I can handle it better? Or is it because my brother and I much more actively picked on each other growing up than my husband and his brother? Probably a bit of both.

Some of you know that I love bears. Grandfather Mountain is a privately owned mountain park. There were black bears there in a zoo where you could feed them food pellets. As much as I love bears and zoos, this felt a little degrading to me. All the bears did was sit there and wait for more food pellets. I felt so sad for the bears. Partially because there are better things they could do, and the food pellets reminded me of some sort of unhealthy dry dog food diet. Maybe because growing up in Alaska, you are taught not to feed wild animals, for they are meant to stay wild. Obviously, these are not wild bears, but it still made me feel sad.

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Alice said...

That design course sounds like so much fun! I too am stressed about holiday knitting, its just to hard to think about when it's so hot still!