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Friday, August 23, 2013

On Vacation

It is funny how I need to go away in order to get more of my own personal knitting done.  Restarted on my Golden Vintage Sweater, which I believe I last knit on well over one year ago.  I am doing it in Brown Sheep's Cotton in black.  So it is not much to look at picture-wise right now, since black yarn does not photograph well!  Having to go through figuring out whether I added an extra inch or so, or what is going on with it.  Usually I take copious notes on every pattern I knit, but I am not sure about this one!  Need to find some time while the dudes are asleep and I still have the energy to figure it out.  Those moments are getting harder and harder to find!

I also had to frog back 3 rows of my linen sweater.  I know, hard to believe that a knitter with 10 years of experience still makes basic mistakes.  But trust me, we all forget what we are doing and go on knitting cruise control once in awhile.  Next thing you know, you have to frong away!

Did get to visit Yarnworks LYS in Gainesville, FL.  Picked up some Juniper Farms Dappled Findley yarn in the Wisteria colorway.  I hope someday to actually knit one of these with it.

Was sad to see that the Hanks Yarn and Fiber store in Gainesville closed down. Those ladies were so nice to us when we visited years ago.  Haldecraft is on Facebook and Etsy, so you can find her indie dyed yarns there!

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