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Monday, July 20, 2009

Ryan's First

Here is a pic from Ryan's first birthday. You can see he is doing well and is growing up nicely! Still has some torticolis that gets worse and better, but not yet completely away yet.
Thanks to Jen for the nice comment on my last post. It is great to hear good stories. Our neurologist is such a piece of work. You would think Ryan has two years to live due to the hypotonia. Jen, is your friend's hypotonia a symptom of any larger disorder, or is that the only problem her son has? I keep praying this is a stand alone condition for him. Ryan is very kinesthetic, so I don't imagine he won't be able to keep up with the other boys, either.
Yesterday, I died some sock yarn at Northwoods. It turned out beautifully, and I received many compliments on it. When I can bring it in from drying, I will take pics and post. Who knows, maybe someday I will let out my color sense and become an indie dyer, too.


Beverly said...

He's getting to be a big fellow. Looks like he had a wonderful birthday.

Jen said...

As far as I'm aware Mikey's hypotonia is not a symptom of anything larger. He does also have an issue where his brain is connected too tightly to his spinal column (or maybe its not supposed to be connected at all) so he sees a neurologist every year for an MRI to monitor the situation. He does also have some issues with hypersensitivity to stimuli (especially physical sensations), but occupational therapy has been hugely successful. His neurologists have said that there is no reason that he can't live a long & productive life - he does have to be careful not to participate in rough sports (but he's not really interested in them anyway). They see a neurologist at Dartmouth Children's Hospital in NH & my friend has said that working directly with a neuro at a children's hospital has been extremely helpful (they started in Michigan & had some difficult experiences, but luckily moved to the Boston area when he was 18 months & worked with Boston children's & then when they moved to NH transferred to Dartmouth). Another thing that has helped is that she actually kept Mikey back from kindergarten for an extra year which has allowed him to catch up a bit physically with boys in his grade. His best friends are all girls (which doesn't mean much since my 6 year old daughter can give the most physically active boy a run for his money) - but the girls do seem to let him rest and play quietly a bit more than the boys do. His mom has been a great advocate for him (as it seems like you will be for Ryan). Ryan is adorable & congratulations on his birthday.

Alaskan Nancy said...

Love that yarn in the top photo! Is that the yarn you dyed?