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Monday, November 05, 2007

Not Dead Yet....

...I really have to apologize for being gone for so long. Wedding trips, Stitches East, family trip, and some other (to remain mysterious) major events going on in my life have really sapped my time and energy. Stitches East proved too busy to even do my cell phone posting. Also, our cable modem died in between Stitches East and a family trip, so I could not post. (I seem to remember telling my husband that our whole network was acting up and probably going down, but you know how guys are. They won't address it till its completely broken.)

On good news and bad news, the organic grocery coop project has ended. The conclusion is that it is not feasible. I am not surprised by this, and expected this outcome from the start. But I held out hope that maybe I was wrong. At least I will have some time freed up.

Hopefully as I get settled in this next week, and rest up, I can post some Stitches East fun.

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